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Many students become interested in Drums from an early age just by bashing along to whatever they can lay there hands on, clapping there hands or tapping there feet in time to there favourite songs. In fact drums are the oldest and most primitive form of instrument, (even whilst we are developing in the womb we are constantly in tune to the mother’s heartbeat).

The Drums are also a very spiritual instrument that can inspire and energise us. Drumming literally wakes up and stirs the soul. Everyone innately knows how to go about drumming! There is no "right" or "wrong" way to express yourself drumming. However there are guidelines and it is helpful to study techniques, co-ordination, stickings, practical application and real world skills backed up with a thorough knowledge and understanding of the instrument, as a good teacher my joy is to bring out the very best in each student.

"What age range can be taught?" - whether you are old or young there are a few things you will need; the desire to learn (This is most important!), legs long enough to reach both pedals, long enough arms to reach the drums, and to be able to read simple diagrams and instructions. You DO NOT have to read music. So the youngest practical age is probably around 6-7 years old with no upper limit.

"What type of music do you teach?" - for beginners we start with rudiments such as rolls, rhythms , independent control of hands and feet, and simple time signatures. As the student develops fills are introduced and various rhythmic styles such as swing, dance, rock, and Funk. Double Bass Drum can be introduced if the student feels they would like to venture down this route.

"Can I learn certain songs?" -absolutely , in fact I encourage this, when a certain level of drumming and ability is reached, then the natural progression will be to drum to your favourite CD's or grooves, the Air-Conditioned drum studio is equipped with CD player and DVD player, so if wished you can play along to and also watch the DVD performance on TV. Each lesson is individually tailored to each student

"Do exams need to be taken?" - No! Please ensure drums are always played for the joy of it, if it’s not fun then this can affect your ability to learn to play. You do not NEED to but if you WANT TO you can. I support the Rockschool RS2K syllabus and if you decide on taking this route after a period of study you can take these graded exams with an approved Rockschool examiner. Rockschool exams are recognised by Trinity College and other major examination authorities.

"What equipment is needed to play?" - You will eventually need your own drum kit to practice on at home but you do not need to bring anything to lessons. If you are a complete beginner you may be able to practice rudiments and some exercises on a practice pad. I have a Roland V-Drum TD10 system in my studio which includes an electronic metronome and virtual backing band. This is the main teaching aid for older children and adults. There is also a Yamaha DTXpress II for children from ages 6-10.

"What is the cost to learn?" - Contact me for prices of half hour or hourly lessons. I recommend that you have at least one lesson per week. Note that if you do not turn up for a scheduled lesson and I have not been notified within 24 hours I reserve the right to charge you for the lesson.

"What now?" - please call to find out more and to book your first lesson! 01795 664 512 or 07940 255 530 or email me

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Contact me now! 01795 664 512 or 07940 255 530 or email me